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Marketing audits give you the assurance that your marketing plan is working by reviewing the activities and performance of your marketing efforts. We can go several steps beyond and look at marketing roles, alignment to your business plan, review your existing marketing agencies and recommend quick wins. We follow a structured approach so that you get professional recommendations and clear benefits to your business.


Marketing your website on
the internet

Website marketing, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), and online display advertising all help attract visitors to your site. A website is a showcase for your brand, products, and services and its design is more than just how good it looks, it affects the user experience, conversion, and search engine results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Read our frequently asked questions on web design and maximize your shop window.

The best website design ideas are the simplest. There are many websites dedicated to website ideas but in general, a clean design with simple navigation to your products or services is a good start.

Website design is important because it impacts the compatibility with different platforms (e.g. desktop, mobile, internet browsers), bounce rate, the experience of visitors, the conversion rate and even the search engine ranking.

The cost to design a website varies from completely free to an enterprise-scale global eCommerce platform in the tens of thousands. Free websites are often limited in functionality, tied to the builder/hosting platform or additional services are more expensive to add on later. A professional business website depends on your requirements and number of pages and so will often be bespoke.

Typical website design benefits include an easy to use approach, clear text and graphics, solid page speed, wide compatibility, flexible functionality, security, search optimized and reliable.

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