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Exciting News! Announcing Our Partnership with

I am super stoked to announce that Maydragonfly Marketing has partnered with, a leading AI-powered content creation platform.

Yes, I’m saying it, is my sexy new bae. It is truly an innovative solution all of us in marketing and sales. The company was founded by three former Google employees who wanted to improve the way companies create and optimize their content strategies. And, taddaaaa…they created a killer solution that uses artificial intelligence to create optimized sales and marketing content for businesses of all sizes.

Boy, let me tell you, this AI-powered enterprise SaaS platform is scary amazing at creating personalized content for emails, video scripts, websites, blog posts, and social media pages. G-d, the list goes on and on…

Scratching your head you are wondering, why the hell am I a die-hard advocate of this application that could potentially take my job? Simple and honest answer. It’s in the best interest of you, my clients. My purpose is to recommend feasible solutions and strategies that suit your individual needs.

So for those of you who don’t know me, I have been in sales and marketing for over 20 years bouncing between, Europe, the US and the Caribbean. Truth be told, I’ve been around the block and have seen excellent campaign concepts fall short and horrendous concepts go viral.  More than likely its usually about clack of consistency and getting the point across. A prominent pain point, especially here in Aruba. Businesses are seeking unique, engaging copy written ideally by a native English speaker with adequate sales and marketing acumen.

Let me give you a case scenario and tell me this doesn’t hit close to home;

Your business is running like a well-oiled machine, and you are looking to take your marketing up a notch. On-the-regular outsourcing might be in the budget for the short term, but the real objective is to have someone in-house;  hiring a marketing coordinator/assistant. You post the vacancy and no doubt, there are great candidates out there. Decent knowledge of marketing, and just enough experience but then during the interview they say the suicide sentence; “I’m not good at sales”. I’ve interviewed handfuls of these young “prodigies” who say this and just short of me smacking sense into them, they come to the revelation; it’s the communicating in English thing and 7 out of 10 times the ambitious ones are insecure of their output (millennials, what do you want from me?). They know the desired tone is intrinsically what gives businesses a competitive advantage but they can’t convey it with the conviction they want.

Now, what do you do? You either opt to find the budget and hire a copywriter or senior marketing manager/director or bite the bullet and select the best you can find.

What if I told you, you can hire these young professionals with potential, just give them the tools they need? You giving them spell-check, right? Anyway, I think you have the gist. There are legitimate roadblocks in the way and with an AI-powered copywriting assistant like my bae you are making them mere mobile obstacles

It’s hard for me not to ooze a sales pitch at you so here; watch this video for a better idea of how it works

Pretty amazing right? If this resonates with you and can afford 36$ a month instead of 75$ an hour, drop me a line at hello@maydragonflymarketing. I can walk you through a demo or you can take a test drive yourself, click here to  sign up FREE 7 day  trial no credit card needed.  Ultimately, if you like it and are ready to subscribe let me know. I can get you an attractive discount and pitch my services to onboard you and or your team.

No brainer, right?