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Video Marketing

video marketing

What is it?

Video marketing is so effective at stimulating the senses to engage prospects like never before. Video content is easy to digest versus reading a case study or reading product pages online. You can see and hear what a product or service does rather than just reading about it. Make sure video content is part of your content plan.


Powerful video marketing

Use promotional videos, video guides, review videos, and even customer interviews to showcase your offerings. Let us help you build a video content plan and design a social video plan to engage your online audience and boost results. We can even help you create engaging videos, storyboards, and informative animated videos.

Frequently Asked Questions

Read our frequently asked questions to find out why effective content is a must-have.

Video marketing is the use of video for promotions and campaigns and 82% of all internet traffic will be video by 2022.

The benefits of video marketing include higher engagement for conversion, more click through on e-mail campaigns, search engines like video content and it builds trust in your brand faster. 92% of marketers using video believe it is crucial to their strategy, more than any other activity.

There are many types of video marketing. Some examples include promotional videos, training content, product showcases, brand value videos, review videos, animated ‘how-to’ videos, influencer video advertising and social media video blogs.

Video marketing strategies that are most effective engage the most senses and generate positive emotions for your brand and products or services. A clear message and on-brand design, targeted at the right audience at the right time will boost the success of your video content.

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