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Role of leadership in marketing

The role of leadership in marketing is to ensure that marketing is commercially focused, centered around the customer and that marketing goals align with business goals. A marketing leader must build a strong team covering a broad range of skills, diversity, and even location. Leadership in marketing is responsible for setting the marketing direction. We can support your development journey with our tailored workshops designed for your needs.


Strategic marketing

Strategic marketing leadership often refers to the CMO role in an organization but can apply to many marketing roles. A marketing assistant, marketing executive, or marketing manager can still have an appreciation of the complex challenges a business faces and how to overcome them with a marketing approach. We can help with marketing management skills and executive workshops.

Frequently Asked Questions

Read our frequently asked questions to discover how marketing management is developing.

Marketing leadership is establishing a superior competitive strategy and brand loyalty that delivers returns above market and competitor levels. A company is said to have it if they have more customer-centric advertising and products that create long-term competitive advantage.

A marketing leader should be highly competent, able to build a strong marketing function and focus on the customer for the highest commercial opportunity. Focus, direction and stakeholder management ensure that marketing is represented on the board and influences business strategy.

The roles that are leadership in marketing start with head of marketing through marketing director, vice president of marketing to chief marketing officer.

Leadership in marketing management is putting customer at the heart of business strategy and defining a competitive strategy that starts with marketing. Companies and CMOs with a deeper understanding of customer experience and satisfaction create value propositions with higher value to customers than their competition.

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