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Marketing Training & Workshops

Marketing Skills


Basic marketing

Basic proficiency may be a given for those in marketing careers but we all need a refresher from time to time. Soft skills, marketing principles, and digital marketing courses all help boost your chances of success and your marketing career. We offer a range of courses for all levels of marketing ability to support your professional development. Invest in the competencies you need to succeed with our bespoke courses designed for all levels of marketer.


Improve your marketing knowledge

You can improve your aptitude in a number of ways. There are lots of online courses, postgraduate, professional marketing qualifications, and books on various subjects. Marketing is a broad career but we help enhance marketing talent with some basic courses and we offer bespoke training for teams and individuals. Just ask us to see how we support your learning.

Frequently Asked Questions

Read our frequently asked questions to learn why marketing proficiency will always be important.

Marketing skills include communication, digital skills, creativity, public speaking and even critical thinking. These complement the traditional principles and techniques such as how to write a marketing plan or brand positioning.

The importance of marketing skills revolves around the fact that much of modern marketing is to generate new leads. The career involves much communication with prospects, customers and internal stakeholders. Online marketing and technology increase the complexity of marketing roles.

You can improve your marketing skills by developing the fundamental marketing concepts such as the 7 P’s, competitive strategy, marketing plans, market research, segmentation and targeting.

The skills you need to work in marketing depend on your role. A web developer has different skills to a graphic designer or head of marketing. B2C may have different requirements to B2B roles. Corporate, public sector and agency roles will also vary enormously. Some common requirements are good communication, digital awareness, creativity and critical thinking. We have found that analytical, project management and strategic planning knowledge is in high demand.

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